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2016 Best of Seattle Award – Security Alarms


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Absolute Security Alarms Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Seattle Award Seattle, July 04, 2016 — Absolute Security Alarms has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Seattle Award in the Security Systems category by the Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program.

Each year, the Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Seattle area a great place to live, work and play. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category.

The 2016 Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program The Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Seattle area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. The Best Businesses of Seattle Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Tricky Interior Traps Will Add Levels of Protection

When designing a security system there should be many layers of protection added to increase it’s functionality. All perimeter doors should be contacted, as a first line of defense.

DOORS- Doors are the most common point of entry for a burglar. Contacted doors also will help you supervise entry times for family members or employees. Your ASA system can be set up to notify you when and if the kids are home, when the pet sitter comes and goes etc. It will also allow you to add temporary, timed and date approved entries and report via text/email of that movement.

MOTION DETECTORS- Motion detectors are the perfect interior detection device. They will pick up motion no matter where an intruder enters from. There are pet immune motion detectors that can be used for single free roaming pets of a maximum weight (length), however these can not be used dependably with multiple free roaming pets.

WINDOW CONTACTS- There are mixed thoughts on window contacts in the industry. Most consumers think they are well protected by having all their windows contacted, but I don’t recommend them unless there is a specific need to monitor a window. An example of “specific need” is keeping a child from opening a window for a stranger or teenagers from sneaking out to the party you did not give them permission to attend. I feel that window contacts can create a false sense of security for the following reason. If a window is locked (and it should be) a burglar would have to break the glass to open it. If they break the glass and your alarm doesn’t trip, they will simply clear the glass and climb in, without opening the window, that may or may not be contacted, Some clients insist on having window contacts and we can provide them, however we like to explain the limitations before they spend a small fortune adding numerous window contacts.

GLASS BREAKS- Glass Break Detectors (Audio Sound Discriminators) listen for the thud of force used when breaking glass and the frequency of the glass cracking, in the correct order and timing. These devices are able to protect multiple windows in an open concept space within 30 ft of the device, making them an outstanding perimeter protection value. Heavy lined drapes and wooden slat blinds could diminish the reliability of the Glass Break Detector listening to the window they cover.

SURPRISE INTERIOR TRAPS- Many people don’t realize that you can create interior traps using contacts. Hall doors, closet doors, drawers, liquor cabinets and certainly master bedroom doors can be contacted easily. We know that no matter how a burglar enters your home, they will go to the master bedroom, so now you can see the advantage of additional traps as a way to track a suspects movements through your home. These interior traps can be programmed as “INTERIOR” devices just like your motion detectors are. This way when you arm the system in the “STAY” mode, they are automatically bypassed. When you arm your system in the “AWAY” mode, your interior traps become part of the system.

Understanding Your Password and Its Use


When your alarm system was installed you were instructed on how to enter your user codes. When you filled out the agreements with your consultant you were asked to choose a password (aka) pass-phrase . These are often confused by the alarm user, as indicated when they set the alarm off on accident and often have no clue what the password is, when the monitoring station calls. Your PASSWORD is very important and lets the monitoring technician know that they are talking to an authorized system user. Please make sure that everyone who has permission to use your alarm system knows the password, in case they set the system off on accident. This simple important process, will help to prevent false dispatch to the authorities. You can call our office (206-257-1951) and change your password as often as you would like. If you are not sure of your password call us ASAP, we have other ways to identify you and help you to retrieve or reset your password. If you ever change/d your password directly with the monitoring facility, please be sure to let us know also at Absolute Security Alarms so that we have your updated information, authorizing us to help you when you call us directly. .

Understanding Bellevue’s New Alarm Registration Policy

Bellevue is now requiring that all accounts within the city are registered with the city. The account registration window runs through Wednesday, September 30th 2015. Alarm companies are to send their list of City of Bellevue subscribers to Bellevue’s 3rd party administrator, Public Safety Corporation. The account information is to be sent in Excel format using the submission form to

Fines for failing to register an account will not be assessed until October 1st 2015.

The new Bellevue ordinance requires:

  1. Annual Registration – $25 / $12 for Seniors
  2. Enhanced Call Verification
  3. CP-01 Alarm Control Panels
  4. False Alarm Fines -$100 burglar alarm dispatch, $200 hold-up/panic/duress. Note: The first false alarm fine for both categories will be waived upon completion of an alarm user class.
  5. Government Facilities Exempt – Federal, State and City are exempt from this ordinance.
  6. Bellevue Public Schools are exempt only from the monetary obligations under this ordinance.

For more information regarding this ordinance please contact:

Detective Amanda Jensen

Bellevue False Alarm Reduction Program


450 110th Avenue. NE

Bellevue WA

Will your home smoke detectors call for help?

The smoke detectors the builder put in your home should be tied together so that if one goes off the others must also go off (it’s the law) however they will not notify the fire department. You or your neighbors would have to call for help wasting precious time. We now have a device that will listen to your builder provided smoke detectors and activate a dispatch through your Absolute Security Alarm system. We have smoke detectors we can install that do this, but now all your smoke detectors can notify us, saving you money and increasing life safety.

EZ Online Tools for Monitronics Monitoring Clients

Did you know that you can sign up in about 60 seconds for a free My Monitronics account on our secure server, where you can do the following on line?
• View and pay your bills online
• Sign up for AutoPay
• Print your certificate of insurance
• Manage your emergency contacts
• View crime in your neighborhood
• Test your system or request service
Here’s your link:

Alarms with Homeopathic Qualities?

In addition to security, energy conservation and home automation, did you know your Absolute Security Alarms system has “Homeopathic Qualities?” It:
*Lowers Stress Levels.
*Prevents Heart Attacks.
*Prevents Colds (by keeping you from running downstairs in your underwear in the middle of the night).
The Dr. is in… Call us today! 206-257-1951

Alarm Systems Are Just A Part Of Your Home Security Plan!

Kristi Roze, a manager at Absolute Security Alarms and a former police detective, believes that protecting your home isn’t just a “one and your done” event. Instead, home security should be viewed like a pendulum; the more items you incorporate the lower your odds of being targeted by burglars, thieves stealing packages or your mail and the like.

Some of the obvious things that everyone is aware of but don’t necessarily incorporate at their home include: keep your yard maintained and shrubs cut back, invest in adequate lighting (criminals are like cockroaches, they hate the light!), and consider investing in a home security system. The technology has improved and they are no longer just for the uber rich. And the insurance industry clearly notes that home owners with alarms are much less likely to be targeted in the first place.

Roze also recommends that the next time you drive up to your home, take a look at your house and really try and recognize any vulnerabilities. And do the same thing at night when it’s dark.

Additionally, if you do need police or medical attention and you called 911, would the fire department or patrol officer struggle to read your house numbers? Or are they clearly illuminated? Kristi says that one of the simplest ways to speed up 911 response is by making sure you’ve done your part by visible addressing. One of her favorites are the painted house numbers on the curb!

Green Compliance: I-502 Security Requirements and Protocols

Washington State is on the forefront of major changes in policy regarding the legal retailing of marijuana. These changes in policy allow for the legal retailing, growing and processing of marijuana. While marijuana will soon become accessible to the general public, 21 and over, for recreational use, the owners of the retail facilities have some very strict guidelines they must follow.
Absolute Security Alarms/Surveillance is acutely aware of the requirements for security measures, both related to alarms and camera surveillance. We have researched the new requirements (WAC 314-55-083) and have built an I-502 compliant package that follows all security requirements for electronic security and video surveillance. Remaining compliant with security protocols is a large undertaking and we are prepared and up to date on the new legislation and will continue to do so in this new and changing landscape.
These requirements, per WAC 314-55-083, include the type of equipment that must be installed and where this equipment is to be located on the premise.
• At a minimum, each licensed premises must have a security alarm system on all perimeter entry points and perimeter windows. Motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic, and holdup alarms may also be utilized.
• There must be complete video surveillance with minimum camera resolution of 640×470 pixels that must be internet protocol (IP) compatible and recording system for controlled areas within the licensed premises and entire perimeter fencing and gates enclosing an outdoor grow operation, to ensure control of the area. The requirements include image acquisition, video recording, management and monitoring hardware and support systems. All recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date.
• All camera recordings must be continuously recorded twenty four hours a day. All surveillance recordings must be kept for a minimum of forty-five days on the licensee’s recording device. All videos are subject to inspection by any liquor control board employee or law enforcement officer, and must be copied and provided to the board or law enforcement officer upon request.
For further information, and to request an on-premise security consultation/walk-through, contact Absolute Security Alarms at 206-257-1951

Introducing The Absolute Angel

Introducing the first cellular PERS (Personal Emergency Response) system. THE ABSOLUTE ANGEL

AngelDo you have an elderly family member that would benefit from an Angel? Our EASY TO USE PERS system can help watch over them 24-hrs a day and notify loved ones or first responders or both at the push of a button, allowing over the air two way conversations with the person needing help.


  • 2-way voice over built in cellular radio (no phone line is needed).
  • Best quality, 600-ft range from the transmitters to the base unit.
  • 60-hour backup battery is monitored and reports If getting low.
  • The waterproof pendants can be worn In the bath or shower.
  • Absolute Angel has a PERS dedicated UL listed and friendly central station with dual station redundancy.

Angels help button can worn as a wrist band or as a pendant with included safety necklace.

Get the same local and loved experience by Absolute Security Alarms with our Absolute Angel.  Call our office today for details: 206-257-1951

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